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I was born in Germany in 1999. My parents escaped from Bosnia & Hercegovina as refugees because of the Bosnian genocide and war. We came to America when I was 3 months old. 

The Bosnian genocide has affected my culture, my upbringing, my identity, my people, my life. It has caused a tug of war between who I am at my core and who I need to be to assimilate into my American life. I'm too American for the Bosnians but too Bosnian for the Americans. 

Genocide is not merely a means to kill people, but to make the ethnic group disappear forever. It allows for a language to be erased, for traditions and religions to fade, for autonomy to be stripped, and for the changing of historical narratives. 

I aim to educate deeply on the rippling effects of genocide. Not just the deaths or torture that occurred, but the forever evolving changes to my people.  



Welcome to my mind. This is my naked truth. Through these posts, I am sorting through the chatter in my skull and maturing my understanding of the world.

There's no genres here- give me the weird, the horrifying, the fantastical, the tears, & a heartbreak. I review books & write things that you might enjoy. I tell stories, spew word vomit, and keep it real.

I am not the same person I was yesterday, so buckle up for the evolution of my mind.


“Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes,” Walt Whitman.

To everyone who actually reads my things, I freaking love you. 

Love, AKO

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