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The Story of More

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Each day the sky melts from blue to orange to black and the Wolf cries for the moon. Like a painter throwing colors on a canvas as the clock strikes another hour. A consecutive cycle of colors melting and darkening while the cries are deafening. The Wolf finds the highest point on Earth and cries. He hopes his hymn will latch on to the Moon, bringing her closer. His love for the Moon is irrevocable, hypnotizing. A hunger never before felt nor satisfied.

The cries carry in the wind, like a dandelion tosses its fluff into the air to scatter the fields far and wide. The cries pass the bloomed roses and labyrinth treetops, the birds and bees, even the icy cold mountain tops and fluffy marshmallow clouds. They float out beyond where the eye can see and tells everyone, even the Universe of this forbidden and unreachable love.

He thinks, if only he could have the moon- he would never ask for anything again.. until next time.

The Moon hears the cries and it incites these feelings hidden deep within. The same feelings of unreachable and unattainable desires. But her desire is something much brighter. Her desire is when the sky dissolves from black to purple to blue and at the center of it all is him. The Sun.

The Moon leaves each night never fully being able to feel the enticing heat and warmth it wants. It pines for a life filled with a heat so scorching it leaves its mark red hot on skin. It needs that light shining through the shutters of a long plane ride slowly waking all on board. The signal of a new day with possibilities of endless events.

The Moon's surface sinks deeper and deeper in as it eats itself alive. This need she has been carrying around, it's all she can think about. Before she realizes it, she has eaten herself into nothing.

She thinks, so close to having all she wants and more- she would never ask for anything again...until next time.

And the Sun? He wants what he can't have. He demands everything and more, everything and nothing. He has a list filled with all the atoms and molecules that compose the smallest ant to the biggest ocean. He stops at nothing until he can mark each box off with little red checks as complete. He fights until he can hoard the light, the air, the heat, the sound, anything and everything to himself.

He wants all things in the Universe. He can't be satiated with the milky way, he won't. Oh what a life it would be to venture out past the milky way and find more. His thirst to possess blinds him, eternally unquenchable. He will lose himself and life as we know it because of it.

He thinks, why can't things ever go his way- he would never ask for anything again... until next time.


A story of him wanting her wanting him wanting everything. This is the thing. The more you want the more you will never have. There is always something someone doesn't have. A stomach wanting to be flatter or an arm begging to have more. Even a billionaire will want something eternally out of reach.

I started this as a weird folk tale thing but it transformed into a tale of the cycle of more. More this or more that will NEVER amount to what you want it to be. More will get you hurt, lonely, frustrated, vengeful, and immoral. Be content with less.

Love, AKO


Thanks for reading everyone! I appreciate each and everyone of you for taking the time out of your busy lives to read what I have to say. I pray my words can spark a thought, a lost hope, or a will to reach for the stars inside of you.

I'll link my book insta page which has short reviews, cute quotes, and giveaways.

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